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The second offering by Jeffrey van D was titled Bending Chords - Recorded: 2002

Bending Chords was a project in the works ever since Ascend was sent off for pressing. Before shipment of Ascend was received, the first song for this follow-up cd was already composed. Synyrgyze! came in one sitting. Billed as the first up-tempo song ever written by Van Devender, it set the standard for a new direction for Bending Chords.

After promoting Ascend for over 3 years, and allowing time for newer compositions to develop, the timing seemed right to get back in a studio and record what has come to be known as Bending Chords. The quiet, secluded theme of Ascend has been generally left behind for a richer texture on Bending Chords.

"The transition to the new sound featured on Bending Chords came easily, once we began the process," explains Van Devender. "Essentially, the structure of the compositions hasn't changed from Ascend. What has changed is the production and experience gained from playing live for a few years. There is a broadening of styles and instrumentation, which has been very pleasing for me, even after many, many listenings!"

Much of this credit must go to John Malvey, who owns & operates John Malvey Music Studios formerly in Grand Junction, CO - now in New Jersey. Not only did John engineer & design the artwork for this project, but he also helped Van Devender discover a mix which could build on what had been started with Ascend, yet expand the horizons from the foundation already laid out.

Both Ascend and Bending Chords can be found at establishments listed here.

Be sure to try a JavaSampling from Bending Chords at our SoundClick site. You can get there by clicking on the link.

Between The Notes:

This is a feature where we have added dialogue examining the thought & inspiration 'between the notes' of several songs on
Bending Chords
. Click on the title of a piece to find out what is 'Behind The Notes.'

After The Rain

And If It Ends

Autumn Chill



Ode To A Joyful Hymn

Route 451

Storm King Sacrifice



Bending Chords - Recorded: 2002



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