Grey Havens ​is our newest release, featuring 8 new compositions and 5 covers, including Elton John, Billy Joel and Ludwig van Beethoven. Released June 2019, this album is representative of where Jeff Van Devender aka Jeffrey van D presently resides as a musical artist. The compositions, performance and arrangements reflect a maturity and artistry rooted in 02-plus years of recording. Having composed his first piece 38 years prior to this release, you can hear how his music has evolved over time. The melodies capture an essence, enhancing whatever it is you happen to be doing with a positive energy. Don't let your music collection be without this release.

 Jeff's music is what JavaMusiK is all about. Please give it a listen. If you hear something you like, consider supporting Jeff's music by making a purchase.

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Yuletide Reflectionswas recorded throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2017 in Berthoud, CO with 

Brett Wilson at Skydance Mountain Studio whom Jeff met through an interview a few years previous.

This Oct. 2017 release features Jeff's arrangements of some of his favorite Christmas music, released under his own name. 


Bending Chordswas recorded

throughout the Spring of 2002 at

Milkshed Studio in Clifton, Colorado  just outside of Grand Junction with  John Malvey, who had come to hear  Jeff play previously. This was the  follow-up to Jeff's debut release,  featuring cover versions of Jean Sibelius' Finlandia, Antonin  Dvorak's Largo from New World  Symphony and a send-up cover of

Ludwig van Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

This release features some solo piano  and some ventures into orchestration.

Storm King Sacrifice is a tribute composition to the 14 firefighters who perished in a firestorm Jeff witnessed on Storm King Mountain in western Colorado July  6, 1994.

Evensong Meditation ​is our traditional hymns/Americana folksongs release, featuring piano meditations on a collection of music of these genres. This album was released June 2018. Lovely arrangements, reflecting a gentle, reverent spirit to the songs

featured on this release.

Jeff Van Devender aka Jeffrey van D:

Proudly carried on the JavaMusiK Label

All our released music..

 Don't Ever Forgetwas   recorded Summer 2009 at George Daily Auditorium in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Opening with J.S. Bach's Prelude in C from the Well-Tempered Clavier and including an arrangement of the traditional Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision, the rest of this release includes all solo piano original compositions recorded on a 9 foot grand piano on the stage of a 700 seat auditorium.

 Ascendwas the debut cd recorded winter of early 1998 in a small southern Minnesota studio. Featuring Van Devender's very first composition Awakenings, which was played at Jeff & Amy's wedding, the album is rounded out

with eight other originals composed over a 18 year period.

Jeff also created an arrangement of the Shaker tune Simple Gifts for this release, another song used in

their wedding.